About Ron Velin

Integrative Leadership Coach
Primary Intention
™ Coach
Educator,  Writer,  Experiential Keynote Speaker

MSOD (MSc in Organization Development)

Faculty, Beedie School of Business,
Simon Fraser University
Faculty BBA Program, Langara School of Management
Associate, Molson Executive Centre, Concordia University

Ron is a self-described “clarity fanatic”.
For him, nothing is as freeing and uplifting as attaining the profound clarity that emerges through diligence, compassion, and deep insight!

Ron discovered that beneath our desires, intentions, purposes and identities, the heart can guide us with a clearer awareness, a phenomenon he calls Primary Intention. The benefits for his personal and leadership clients? More freedom, creativity, courage, joy and success.

His unique coaching approach integrates the proprietary Primary Intention™ model with professional coaching and healing techniques. His conviction is that anyone can offer great leadership and service to others and live rich, fulfilling lives if they are willing to learn. For over 20 years,

Ron has worked with the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in the areas of strategic change, leadership and team development, business development, performance improvement coaching and multi-stakeholder relationship building.

Since 1993, Ron has been an enthusiastic student of meditation, contemplation and chanting under the guidance of a master. From 2001-2004, he lived, practiced and worked at a meditation ashram in New York’s Catskill Mountains and served its global not-for-profit organization. Ron lives in the nature wonderland of Vancouver, Canada and regularly engages with the outdoors via mountain biking, skiing, snow-shoeing and hiking. He is also an enthusiastic chanter and hand-drummer.

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