Integrative Life Coaching

We are at our best when we align our awareness, decisions and actions with our truest self. To do this we must get underneath the interferences and patterns we are living with on a daily basis. Step by step we work together to untangle and dissolve the limiting beliefs, habits and issues that prevent you from living more fully.

Primary Pathways Integrative Life Coaching is systematic, rigorous and compassionate and leverages Ron’s 20+ years of relevant experience. Our foundation and working philosophy are born from Ron’s unique Primary Intention Model described on this site.

Our clients have benefited in:

  • Clarifying their life purpose, values and beyond, accessing their primary intention.
  • Strengthening their personal and professional relationships.
  • Opening up to and experiencing greater intimacy.
  • Deepening (or starting) their meditation practice.
  • Moving through obstacles on their spiritual journey.
  • Focusing and advancing their career.

How We Can Serve You

We start every engagement with a free consultation to clarify your needs. After that we create a structure that works best for you – engagements by quarter, every 6 months, or even session by session. Coaching meetings are conducted on the phone, Skype or in-person – as works best for all concerned. Each medium has its strengths.

The sessions are 50 or 80 minutes as determined by the needs of the client. Fees vary depending on session length and the type of commitment.

Please call Ron at (+1) 778-867-1578 for your free consultation.

Three, 50 minute sessions per month (based on a three month commitment)

Two,   50 minute sessions per month (3 month commitment)

One,   50 minute session (no commitment)

One,   80 minute session