Executive Leadership Coaching

We are at our best when we align our awareness, decisions and actions with our truest self. To do this we must get underneath the interferences and patterns we are living with on a daily basis. This leads to greater contentment within ourselves and a more skilled and impactful executive in service to those around us.

Primary Pathways leadership coaching is systematic, rigorous and compassionate. Our foundation and working philosophy are born from our unique Primary Intention Model described on this site. We support the client to uncover and integrate their deepest aspirations and longings and foster their growth as a greater team and organization leader – all through a dynamic and highly confidential process.

How We Can Serve You

We start every engagement with a free consultation to clarify your needs. After that we provide a structure that works best for you – engagements by quarter, every 6 months, or even session by session. Coaching meetings are conducted in-person, on the phone or Skype – as logistics and availability allow. Each medium has its strengths.

The sessions are 50, 90 or 120 minutes as determined by the needs of the leader client. Fees vary depending on session length and the type of commitment. As an example:

Three, 50 minute sessions per month (based on a 3 month commitment): $ 735/month
Two, 50 minute sessions per month (based on a 3 month commitment): $ 550/month
Two, 90 minutes sessions per month (based on a 3 month commitment) $ 890/month

One, 50 minute session: $ 295
One, 90 minute session: $ 485

A More Personal 360 Assessment…

If this is needed for the process, we are happy to offer our fast and effective (plus-delta) 360 interview process to get valuable insight from stakeholders in the leader’s operating environment. More effective than an online tool, this interview-based process gathers confidential, in-depth feedback with greater clarity and specificity for the leader-client. This is then compiled and discussed in a meeting with the client and organization sponsor to determine coaching needs.

The time required and budget will depend on the client organization’s needs and stakeholder availability.

We also work with any assessment data already collected by the organization.

Please call Ron at 778-867-1578 for a free consultation.