Public Speaking

Each of the following presentations is fully customized to the needs of your audience and take an experiential approach, inviting your audience to actively engage in creative ways.

“I was deeply touched and impressed by the authenticity of Ron’s message and his presentation style.  This is someone unique in his field and extraordinary in his ability to immediately connect with the needs of his audience.”      Ms Cheryl Brewster, Intuition Development Specialist


5 Facets of Compassion for a More Creative and Engaged Workplace

The great masters tell us that compassion is not about simply being nice or kind. We need to tune in to our own hearts to discern what is required in each moment. In this presentation we discuss 5 facets of compassion we can enact and practice  to generate greater engagement and experience a more creative, enlivened work environment.

A Clearer Heart: Living the Primary Intention Experience

This interactive keynote engages participants in an entertaining and fun presentation about Primary Intention – a leap past what we understand intention to be and what we think it means to be living “on purpose”. We go beyond what has been written or presented in popular film and literature and bring the intention discussion to a new level of understanding. Participants walk away with new insight they can apply in generating the crystal clarity and outcomes they seek.