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“Ron and his methods are simply one of a kind. I would highly recommend working with Ron and the Primary Intention process to anyone who wants the clarity and wisdom needed to take their work, personal relationships and spiritual being to the next level.

Through constructive, heart-felt discussion Ron uses his rare talent of asking the right questions at the right time, allowing me to deduce what my heart really wanted with stunning authenticity. With limitless patience, compassion and wisdom, Ron left no stone unturned during the process – pausing where need be to allow me to completely witness and understand the experiences which arose.”

Ms Shaya Sy-Rantfors, Professional Pastry Chef and Mother


“The work I have done with you is priceless. It has helped me define myself and what it is in particular I want to bring into this world.  I’ve been left with such a profound awareness of my inner self and why I am here.”

Ms Patricia Turton, Founder, Turton Interiors


Ron listens actively and is able to point out my blind spots with compassion and concrete suggestions for growth.  He helps me break limitations I impose on myself and helps me overcome the obstacles that hold me back from the success I want.

With integrity and compassion, Ron facilitates growth step-by-step.  He is willing to be flexible and modify his program based on individual needs.  He has a wealth of experience, resources and material.  Working with Ron is fun and productive and I am grateful for his insights and support. I’m honored to recommend Ron and the Primary Intention process.”

Dr. Corrinne Allyson,  Psychotherapist and Spiritual Mentor


“Working with Ron has been a commitment that has challenged my basic concepts around work and invigorated my personal desire for beneficial change. He is a great teacher and is clearly engaged in the journey of self-discovery himself.

Ron’s style is thoughtful, considerate, analytical and intuitive. His perseverance is always focused on my own best interests and he has a unique ability to ask just the right question at the right time. With compassion and wisdom he has guided me to a place of great clarity and focus which has awakened a deeper understanding of my life’s journey.”

Mr. Michael Emanuel


“I am in a much different and better place, personally and professionally, as a result of the Primary Intention journey. I have clarified my primary intention which underlies both my work and personal growth. I set strategies for moving toward their fulfillment and, most importantly, have come to better understand myself, my career and my life aspirations.

Ron’s process with the individual is unique, creative and challenging yet the results are accomplished through empathy, perseverance and encouragement. His gentle insistence on probing deeper into one’s personal needs and desires enriches the end point. Ron’s guidance helped me clarify what it is that I truly want to offer myself and my clients on a daily basis.”

Ms Sandra Shaw, Healthcare Ethics and Research Consultant


“I’ve let go of limited thinking and attitudes that were difficult for me to get past. I am feeling much freer and growing my business in a way that is true to my heart. I am in a much better place in myself than I was when we first started working together and the word “clarity” has taken on a new meaning for me.”

Ms Paulina Kee, Hatha Yoga Instructor


“Every interaction with Ron has been enlightening in one way or another. He listens with a discerning ear and asks very thought provoking questions. When I bring concerns to him I find that I come away with a more clear view of my direction and my goals. I would go far as to say that the work I have done with Ron even impacted the outcome of my search for a life partner, and culminated in my recent marriage!”

Ms Billie Sinclair, Career Transition Facilitator


“Working through and distilling my personal and professional primary intention was an amazing experience!  Ron brings a methodology which is simple and easy to follow and provides excellent results.  I would also have to say that the mentoring and coaching that I went through with Ron enhanced my learning experience throughout this process. Ron I would like to thank you for sending me on this wonderful new path to my future.”

Mr. Michel Noiseux, Telecom Solution Architect, Agilent Technologies


Public Speaking and Development


“I absolutely loved Ron’s relaxed style and grace. He has a natural ability to communicate complex life concepts in a simple, realistic way, which had a profound impact on each one of us. I was amazed how much he drew me in as I found myself tapping into delicious inspirational energy and spirit.

He took me on a journey of self discovery and left me completely enthused to take the next steps of my life. Thanks to you Ron for your courage to explore to such depth and to show up and share with us.”

Ms Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt, Inspired Business Development


“I was deeply touched and impressed by the authenticity of Ron’s message and his presentation style.  This is someone unique in his field and extraordinary in his ability to immediately connect with the needs of his audience.

Genuine, articulate, professional, deeply in-tune and inspiring are just a few ways of expressing our experience of Ron. Both his message and his manner are more than timely, they are truly needed in these times of economic and business flux.  Congratulations Ron for an outstanding presentation – we all look forward to more.”

Ms Cheryl Brewster, Intuition Development Specialist


“Ron is a very talented educator and facilitator.  He consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to the quality of his work, attention to detail, and the satisfaction of our client participants. Ron’s recent workshop with a group of managers from an important healthcare institution in Montreal resulted in an outstanding program evaluation.”

Ms Julie Ricard,  Director, Business Development
John Molson School of Business, Executive Centre, Concordia University


“Ron created an open and creative forum where we achieved a level of clarity that exceeded our expectations. His respect for our values as a First Nation helped to instill a high level of trust and participation among our diverse group members. We are now fully engaged in fulfilling our new vision experience and primary intention for long-term care in our community.”

Ms Teresa Kohoko, Manager, Social Services, Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation


“Ron’s friendly style coupled with his probing questions helped each member of our team reflect more deeply about what our real intent is, determine precisely why it is critical for us to succeed and plan practical ways we can make things better.

The path to get to our plan was unconventional — a road less traveled — and yet, not only did we arrive with far greater clarity than we first thought, we each derived surprising value from the journey itself.”

Ms Jean Stutsman, Former Director, Advancement and Capital Campaign
Lower Canada College